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About Me

I am a Shunsuke Wakamatsu, a nationally licensed Tour Guide-Interpreter.


Name Shunsuke Wakamatsu
Date of birth January 12, 1983
Qualifications Tour Guide-Interpreter(English),
Grade 1 of the EIKEN(Thest in Practical English Proficiency) Test,
TOEIC score of 905
E-mail adress contact@shun-guide.biz
Phone number 090-3644-5869

I have lived in Sendai City for approximately 30 years. I have always been interested in history and culture of Sendai City. I would love to present the charms of Sendai to more tourists.

I obtained the national license of Tour Guide-Interpreter(English) in 2017. I also have the experience of volunteer tour guide of more then 3 years.

Contact me

To apply for the guided tour, please use the application form. If you have any inquiries, please also use the form.

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